ram jam records - about us


Ram Jam Records is an internet radio station, music venue and recording studio/record company based within an intimate venue setting at the back of what was a very well known music pub called The Grey Horse in Kingston. 

The Grey Horse had a live music heritage spanning back over more than 70 years, featuring acts such as Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. Unfortunately due to a change in the times the music venue was forced into closure in January 2015. 

After an extensive refurbishment converting the main music hall into an open plan restaurant, the pub re-opened in November 2015 and carved a name for itself as a great place for BBQ food, whisky and cocktails, however the owners wished to keep the music heritage of the venue alive.

New Grey Horse owners assigned the position of venue manager to seasoned musician, sound engineer and recording studio owner Pawel Ciecierega.

After breathing life back into the venue, Pawel gradually converted the club into a recording studio as well as a thriving live blues venue, leading it towards what is now Ram Jam Records.

Ram Jam Records, along with the rest of The Grey Horse Pub, is wheelchair accessible. Give the pub a call so we can reserve you an area of the venue best suited to your needs.