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Ram Jam Records began supporting fringe theatre in late 2017 and has since welcomed some diverse productions as well as partnering with The Ram Jam Theatre Company for the first in-house production, ‘Radiant Vermin by Philip Ridley.

Our black box 60 seat venue is Kingston's best kept secret offering both intimacy, atmosphere and a supportive and excited local audiece.

'A little gem of a venue'- The Spy in the Stalls.com

For enquires about our programming, if you or your company would like to perform at Ram Jam Records or If you would like to be on our mailing list and be informed about furutre theatre events please contact joy@ramjamrecords.co.uk

Three Shades at Ram Jam Records

Three Shades

‘‘… the forest welcomes us like babes in the wood…’’

Meet the haunted, a barking mad boss and a robot too earnest for her own good in Three Shades.

Saturday March 2nd, 3pm

Sunday March 3rd, 7pm

Thursday March 7th, 7.30pm

Papusza, Sadie and Humanoid Girly are set in the past, present and future, taking the audience on an intimate journey drawing on themes of rising persecution, abuse of power, and advancement of technology.

Written and Performed by Sarah Woodruff

Directed by James Kemp, The American Wife (Park Theatre), Del Valle (Leicester Square Theatre); Greenwich Village Above the Arts (Arts Theatre); Character Solos (St. James Theatre); i do it to break (Soho Theatre).

Produced by Joy Bowers in association with Moonshine Productions.

Tickets: £5 Running Time: 50 mins

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